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«5000» (2013)

TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, participative performance , Chad

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per day.

The title «5000» refers to a dramatic reality: it represents the number of children who die every day because of the lack of access to drinking water and poor sanitary conditions. After the mystical approach of water symbolism in «Blue Water», Tonia Schilling worked with the dancers from her company in Chad to raise awareness on this other reality of water, a cruel reality the West has not yet grasped.

Bluish grey creatures carrying plastic water bottles on their head appear in the surrounding silence. Their appearance and slow movements remind us of statues who have come back to life. Moving through the audience, playing with the audience by integrating them into the movement, or by talking to them, the dancers seek the attention of each and everyone to pass on this message of heated actuality.



Idea, concept and artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography: whole group

Dance: Saleh Abdoulaye Maïna, Aimé Mornodé, Jamal Noudjingar

Music: Ngarta Gaudi, Maurice Bejila Nganda


Duration: 20 min


Performance by: Festival Souar Souar, 2013, N’Djaména/Chad

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