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«L'Or bleu - The Blue Gold» (2014)

TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY Associate choreographers, multinational,

simultaneous creation on water scarcity


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Following «5000», a creation on the same theme, Tonia Schilling wants to capitalize on the fame of the juilletdanse festival to further draw attention to the issue of water scarcity. Artists from various companies have accepted her invitation to go onto the streets of France, Chad, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Fribourg, Switzerland, to call out to the collective consciousness the urgency of water scarcity in the world.


Linked by time through simultaneous dancing, by technology through direct transmission on social networks, and by similar values through their sense of responsibility towards humanity and their common mission, the dancers have created, together despite the thousands of kilometres between each other, to deliver a message of humanity in order to make use of artistic creation for political and social action.


Idea and concept: Tonia Schilling


Fribourger formation:

Artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography: Tonia Schilling and the dancers

Dance: Ange Aoussou, Issa Buanga Puathy, Deborah Chevalier, Emilie Chappuis, Olivier Delahaye, Abdoulaziz Ouedraogo, Rut Pellerano, Céline Python, Nido Uwera

Photography: Stéphane Schmutz

Video: Cyril Akamba


Duration: 40 min


Performance within the 7th edition of the juilletdanse festival DANCE FOR CHANGE, 2014 by five groups of dancers in their respective countries: Fribourg/Suisse, Tonia Schilling Company I Bezons/France, A corps métis Company I Abidjan/Ivory Coast, Ange Assou Company I N’Djaména/Chad, Tonia Schilling Company, locations assistants Jamal Noudjingar and Saleh Maïna I Yaoundé/Cameroon, Yakana Company


More info, films and photos on the multinational project: and


With the support of: Etat de Fribourg, Ville de Fribourg, Loterie Romande


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