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«Requiem» (New creation / 2016)

Co-production TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, Equilibre-Nuithonie–Fribourg/Switzerland

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«The ravens will plan,

The wind will blow, light…»

Tonia Schilling

«Requiem» is an invitation to reflect on the theme of death, often still a taboo for some societies and individuals.

Choreographer Tonia Schilling explores, together with other interpreters coming from different places, the reasons behind the creation of rituals to celebrate death. Fascinated by animist rites and Asian spiritual healing visions, Tonia Schilling creates a universe where dancing and dancers become actors and spiritual communication media.

After praising life, some research on the moment of transformation and transition, «Requiem» searches our last breath through an ode to the ephemeral nature and incarnates the next step in this artistic path, transcending the forms and the codes staged in her previous creations.



Artistic director and choreographer: Tonia Schilling

Dramatical adviser: Silvia-Maria Jung, Alejandra Brunner

Dance: Maya Eymeri, Nordine Hamimouch, Larbi Namouchi, Reinier Powell, Kan-ichi Segawa, Aya Sone

Technical direction, light design: Annick Perrenoud

Sound distribution: Nathan Gros

Stage design and prop: Alejandra Brunner

Composition, arrangement: Martin Vonlanthen, Nathan Gros, Matthias von Imhoff

Costumes: Nelia Couture

Video: Pierre Kunetka

Photography: Stéphane Schmutz

Administration: Rahel Schweyer

Web communication: Franziska Schacher


Performance for 7 dancers

Duration: Stage version 60 min I Off-stage version 30-45 min

Performance by: Nuithonie, 10-15 may 2016, Fribourg/Switzerland

With the support of: Etat de Fribourg, Loterie Romande, Agglomération de Fribourg, the Swiss Embassy in Japan, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Sakae Stünzi Foundation, TC Training Center

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