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«Transparence» (2015)

TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, Dance Outside The Box, Exposition by

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Invited by Stéphane Schmutz at the preview of his photo exhibition DANCE OUTSIDE THE BOX on the façade of the Équilibre theatre building, Tonia Schilling undertakes «Transparence». The play ponders about the tension between the dancer’s mutation potential, his/her search for personal identity, and expression.



Idea and concept, artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography: Tonia Schilling and the dancers

Dance: Maya Eymeri, Aya Sone

Music: Geir Jenssen, Biosphere

Photography: Stéphane Schmutz


Duration: 30 min


Performance by: Exposition Dance Outside The Box, Équilibre, 2015, Fribourg/Switzerland

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