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«Safran» (2005)

ARD Company (later fodac Company) stage performance

(Training program Company)


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«And water gave birth to the wind

which blew on the embers,

which in turn set the earth alight…»

Tonia Schilling

With «Safran» (2005), a light show, both malicious, powerful and as destructive as wind can be, Tonia Schilling pursues her work in the element. With «Offrande» and «Fogo» the choreographer creates the link for the dancers of the programme, a trilogy presented under the title «Sources…» in 2005.With «Sources...», Tonia Schilling makes the link between three of the Afro Rythme Danse Company’s creations, developed over several years.


While performing «Safran» (2005), the dancers reach a frenzy passion in «Fogo» (2004), to finally devote themselves with body and soul in «Offrande» (2000) to the adorning of water as a source of life. In 2009 this concept was taken up and reworked, integrating two new creations: «Souffle» (air) and «Beyond the Haze» (earth).



Artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography: Tonia Schilling and the dancers

Dance: for 10 dancers

Music: live musicians

Light design: Mario Torchio, Laurent Magnin

Photography: Eberhart Fink, Christiane Duss

Video: dansecréations


Duration: 15 min


Performance by: Borromäum Kleinkunstbühne, 2009, Basel/Switzerland I Minibühne, 2005, Biel/Switzerland I

Nouveau Monde, 2005, Fribourg/Switzerland


With the support of: Loterie Romande, Lutz Architectes (2009) I Loterie Romande, Ville de Bienne (2005)


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