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«Au seuil du prochain songe » (2007)

TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, solo, ritual-performance with dinner


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«Au Seuil du prochain Songe» is about the threshold and the emotional tension linked to its crossing. With introversion and detachment, Tonia Schilling explores, in this solo, the fragility of movement and wonder on the permeability of time and space.

She questions also the "threshold", the opposing timelessness of an artistic creation to the reality experienced by the audience. Seeking to break this obstacle, Tonia Schilling meets the spectator and invites them to share a dinner with her in the last part of the play, creating a ritual dimension.



Artistic direction, choreography and dance: Tonia Schilling

Music: Mozart l’égyptien, Zulya, Sister Marie Keyrouz

Sound composition: Luzius Schilling

Light design: Mario Torchio

Dinner: Fatima Tanner

Photography: Elisabeth Yota


Duration: 1h45 - 2h (with dinner)


Co-production: TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, Maison du quartier de la Basse-Ville Fribourg and Minibühne CRD Biel


Performance by: Minibühne, 2007, Biel/Switzerland I Maison du quartier de la Basse-Ville, 2007, Fribourg/Switzerland


With the support of: Etat de Fribourg, Ville de Fribourg, Fribourg Tourisme, Loterie Romande, Ville de Bienne, Visum Design

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