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«Murmures» (2005)

TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, stage performance

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It’s like scratching, digging, lifting, searching, watching...

Both playful and intriguing, «Murmures» intends to penetrate the mysteries of humankind, layer by layer. The play is a contemplation on the development of human beings and its capacity to break away from the tension created within oneself by the incessant contradiction between individualisation and standardisation in order to find inner balance.

In this creation, Tonia Schilling doesn’t refrain from using the body to try and break prejudices and clichés imposed by society through distortion, sexual evocation and the difference of skin colour. This creation, born from a fruitful collaboration which started from their first encounter during the Festival Afrique Noire in Bern in 2003, touches and surprises with its unpredictable and ground-breaking choreography in perfect symbiosis of both Tonia Schilling and Souleymane Badolo’s styles.



Idea, concept and artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography and dance: Tonia Schilling, Souleymane Badolo

Music: Moussa Kora (percussion, balafon, kora) Rahel Schweyer (cello, flute)

Light design: Mario Torchio, Laurent Magnin

Stage design adviser: Christina Schilling

Photography: Eberhart Fink, Elisabeth Yota

Video: dansecréations


Duration: 40 min


Co-production: TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, Nouveau Monde Fribourg and Minibühne CRD Biel


Performance by: Minibühne, 2005, Biel/Switzerland I Nouveau Monde, 2005, Fribourg/Switzerland


With the support of: Etat de Fribourg, Loterie Romande, Ville de Bienne, Fonds culturel Sud


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