«Happy Housewives» (2012)

fodac Company, stage and street performance

(Training program Company)

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«Close your eyes,

fall in love,

stay there...»



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Funny, surprising, troubling; women create a space for themselves within their multiple daily occupations, crazy timeout or “true reality” timeout – that is the question essentally… and beware of passers-by nearby the team… Research creation during the fodac training program.



Artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography: Tonia Schilling with Petrus Oosterveer and the dancers

Dance: Beatrice Blackwell, Anne-Sophie Bovet, Soraya Gautier Guillet, Natalie Hedge, Franziska Kouaté-Krüsi, Chantal Périsset

Music: «Eregeen» The Young Gods, «Instinct» Somogo

Photography: dansecréations

Video: Pierre Kunetka


Duration: 17 min


Performance by: Festival «Septembre en folie», Espace Danse, 2012, Fribourg/Switzerland I 5e Festival juilletdanse, 2012 Fribourg/Switzerland I Place du Marché, 2012, Montreux/Switzerland I Fête de la danse, 2012, Fribourg/Switzerland


With the support of: Ville de Fribourg, Loterie Romande