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«Les Passeurs de lumière» (2012)

TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, interactive itinerant art performance


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«Crying souls weave links

a listening a conversation

a song a dance…»
Alejandra Brunner

When dancing, drawing and music invite themselves off stage

«Les Passeurs de lumière» is an itinerant creation based on interactivity between different artistic disciplines, as well as between the spectator and artist. The idea of the project is to create a living artwork associating for a short moment dancers, space, musicians, visual artists and audiences, giving each one the opportunity to become an actor who brings their contribution to a work in perpetual movement.

This project leads us to unusual places and research fields to touch on different audiences away from the usual stage setting, during day and night, indoors or outdoors. The audience is called out of its usual role, invited to play a particular role as it becomes a spect”actor”.



Idea, concept and artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography: whole group

Dance: Deborah Chevalier, Abdoulaziz Ouedraogo, Erika Pirl

Music: Manuel Guzman (cello, flute), Graham Taylor (percussion), Rahel Schweyer (cello)

Plastic art: Alejandra Brunner

Photography: Stéphane Schmutz, dansecréations


Duration: about 60 min


Performance by: Quai Rouvenaz, 2016, Montreux/Switzerland I saintjean en fêtes, 2015, Geneva/Switzerland I La ville est à vous, Eaux-Vives, 2014, Geneva/Switzerland I Série à lʼEMS des Pervenches, 2014, Carouge/Switzerland I Le Jardin aux Betteraves, 2014, Fribourg/Switzerland I La ville est à vous, Saint-Jean, 2014, Geneva/Switzerland I Festival «Septembre en folie», Espace Danse, 2012, Fribourg/Switzerland I 5e Festival juilletdanse, 2012, Fribourg/Switzerland


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