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«Blue Water» (2012)

TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY, stage performance


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«Floating in the air,

freely, I am flying away

in glistening water...»

Tonia Schiling

A character facing the fullness of appearance that fills the emptiness of human loneliness. Beautiful, perfect body movements, adapted to the standard, reassuring beauty. Gradually, emptiness takes over. Lost in a hectic body, expressing itself through the self-destruction of movement, the protagonist glides within her inner delirium. At the bottom of this chaos is an energy flow settling down like a water current starting to run again, allowing for new forms to come to life. In a body and consciousness transformed and widened, the dancer engages in a cleansing ceremony; inspired, freed, the dance moves loses their importance to make way for the soul, to the simple being leaving, continuing her journey.


«Blue Water» is the result of the interpretation of this very moment, tiny and fragile, when everything changes dramatically, the moment between before and after. A vacuum rupture, conceived as a time-out that is at the end, only a passage, comparable to the moment between inhaling and exhaling.

In a ritual spirit in line with her other creations, "Blue Water" is the choreographer’s most personal play, and the audience becomes the living witness of this spiritual journey.



Idea, concept, choreography and dance: Tonia Schilling

Music: Mangroove, Hildegard von Bingen

Light design: Jean-Baptiste Gachoud

Video: Pierre Kunetka, Cyril Akamba

Photography: Stéphane Schmutz


Duration: 30 min


Performance by: Session House, 2016, Tokio/Japan I Le Singe, 2015, Bienne/Switzerland I Global Dance Theater, 2015, Atsugi/Japan I Hindustan Times Kalaghoda Arts Festival, 2015, Mumbai/India I 7ème Festival International de danse Abok I Ngoma, 2014, Yaoundé/Cameroun I Théâtre de lʼArbanel, Tribute to Jean-Baptiste Gachoud, 2014, Treyvaux/Switzerland I 38th CID-UNESCO World Congress on Dance Research, 2014, Tokyo/Japan I Sophia la Sagesse, 2014, Schüpfen/Switzerland I Festival Source de lʼAvenir, 2014, Seillons-Source-dʼArgens/France I Festival «Septembre en folie», Espace Danse, 2012, Fribourg/Switzerland I 5e Festival juilletdanse, 2012, Fribourg/Switzerland


With the support of: Etat de Fribourg, Loterie Romande, Swiss Embassy Japan


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