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«Souffle» (2009)

fodac Company, stage and street performance

(Training program Company)


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«And water gave birth to the wind

which blew on the embers,

which in turn set the earth alight…»

Tonia Schilling

Taking the work done on the five elements as the methodology to work on movement and expression, «Souffle» was created as a result of the work on the element air carried out by a part of the dancers who took the course in 2008. Both a representation of individual breath and universal energy, the air, or breath, is often felt as a light, evasive and unpredictable element, expressing itself as a huge force that can prove to be devastating. Cadenced and unlimited, the breath is then a dynamic source of life…


The play was presented with «Beyond the Haze», «Offrande» and «Fogo», a four-volume work on the elements under «Sources…», same concept as in 2005.



Artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography: Tonia Schilling and the dancers

Dance: Rachelle Bolliger, Fatima Tanner, Camille Von der Weid, Estelle Vert-Pré, Florence Schreiner

Percussion: Viviane Flückiger

Photography: dansecréations


Duration: 10 min


Performance by: Espace Danse, 2009, Fribourg/Switzerland I Borromäum Kleinkunstbühne, 2009, Basel/Switzerland


With the support of : Loterie Romande, Lutz Architectes


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