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«Mandala» (2013)

fodac Company, participative street performance

(Training program Company)


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«We stand in the center of our

own circle, and everything we see,

hear and think

forms the mandala of our life.»

Pema Chodron

«Mandala» is the result of a research work carried out during the fodac training course around the themes of the circle and the line, and their interdependency in movement, in the sense of on one hand, gesture and choreography, and on the other hand the multiple channels of communication occurring during a performance: communication between the performers among themselves, with the audience, and between the audience and other invisible beings…

The audience is made fully part of the creation process.



Idea, concept and artistic direction: Tonia Schilling

Choreography: Tonia Schilling and the dancers

Dance: Anne-Sophie Bovet, Sophie Desvilles, Patricia Gienal, Anne Joly, Sandra Liechti, Marianne Reber, Olga Schmid, Claire Vionnet

Music: «Oxiam» The Young Gods

Sound composition: Matthias von Imhoff


Duration: 15 min


Performance by: 6e Festival juilletdanse, 2013, Fribourg/Switzerland I Place du Marché, 2013, Montreux/Switzerland I

Fête de la danse, 2013, Fribourg/Switzerland


With the support of: Ville de Fribourg, Loterie Romande


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