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Artistically active since 1999, Tonia Schilling created the TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY in 2003 with the play «Aubes» (solo and trio). Followed «Murmures» (2005, duo), «Au seuil du prochain songe» (2007, solo, ritual performance with dinner), «Blue Water» (2012, solo), «Les Passeurs de lumière» (2012, participative performance for dancers, musicians, visual artists), «Ichane ou C'était Dieu que je cherchais…» (2013, six dancers), “5000” (2013, three dancers), «L'Or bleu» (2014, multinational, simultaneous creation on water scarcity in 5 countries), and «Requiem», performance for two female dancers and five male dancers, creation in progress. In parallel to these creations intended for professional dancers, the choreographer created various short plays for the company on the fodac training programme.


If the creations of the TONIA SCHILLING COMPANY pursue a constant research on existential as well as spiritual questions, the artistic work with the Fodac Company is directly connected to her method “Dance the Essential” based on an approach of the five elements to work on the technic and expression in dancing.



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